OK, I'll keep this short: I'm sorry I've not been particularly active on this site. I had and still do have big ideas and visions for what this site could be, and think if I put to work in I could greatly improve, but it doens't seem like it'll happen. This even startd because I was approached by one of the admins because he thought I'd be good for the job, and I didn't deliver, at least not for long.

As an admin, I try to keep a relatively serious and professional composure and way of speaking, but in reality I'm a really lazy person. I never end up following through on these sorts of things. I'll do something in a big burst, then I'll move on, and remember it later, like I am now. It repeats. I wish I wasn't like this, but I just am. Even if I started working here again, in the way I did before, I know it wouldn't last. Even if I stayed around, I'd start just bumming around.

So yeah, I'm sorry I haven't made the impact this site I could've, and haven't given it the thought and care that I should've.

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