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  • Magicpandapadawan

    I would like to know if I can start adding pages featuring books and cryptozoologists. The only fascinating things about cryptids are not just them. Can someone agree with me on this and help me start making these pages too? I have great ideas for these pages, and it would also need new categories I think. someone please let me know. Thanks.

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  • Magicpandapadawan

    I want to focus on creating fearsome critters as pages on this wiki, because they are all so weird, and as we don't have some of the more major ones. I want to try to get to more popular ones first, as we have more info about those. So, anyways I wanted to see if any of you guys could start helping me create these pages. Please let me know. Thanks.

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  • Magicpandapadawan


    January 5, 2014 by Magicpandapadawan

    I really like coming up with ideas, so why not with cryptids? I have a few ideas that I'll post, but I want you to tell me yours. Tell me them in the comments below, but here's my list (So far)

    • Antarctic Oxen: This creature is said to be the size of a musk ox and to dwell in the vast ice plains of Antarctica. It looks like a musk ox, but it has white fur and blue hooves and horns. It's horns were said to have medicinal properties similar to Unicorns. It was first recorded by a lost page in James Cook's journal. It described them as huge cows with thick white fur and blue horns. (More coming soon?)
    • The Horror Predator of Salt Lake: The horror predator of salt lake. That name still sends shivers down the spines of residents near salt lake. The f…
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  • Magicpandapadawan

    1. Beast of busco

    2. Wuhnan toads

    3. Mongolian death worm


    5. Nandi Bear

    6. Thunderbird

    7. Flatwoods Monster

    8. Lizardman

    9. Frogmen

    10. Nessie

    11. Sasquatch

    12. Charles Mill Lake Monster

    13. Caddy

    14. Enfield Horror

    15. Hodag

    16. Kraken

    17. Conakry monster

    18. Kasai rex

    19. Partridge creek beast

    20. Cherufe

    21. Ahuitzotl

    22. Trunko

    23. Squonk

    24. Hugag

    25. Deridder roadkill

    All for now.

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  • Magicpandapadawan


    December 26, 2013 by Magicpandapadawan

    Sorry if I'm adding a lot, just really bored, and this is my last day of winter break, so I am just doing this for no reson. I hope I didn't make anyone angry, honestly, I'm annoying myself. Oops.

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