I really like coming up with ideas, so why not with cryptids? I have a few ideas that I'll post, but I want you to tell me yours. Tell me them in the comments below, but here's my list (So far)

  • Antarctic Oxen: This creature is said to be the size of a musk ox and to dwell in the vast ice plains of Antarctica. It looks like a musk ox, but it has white fur and blue hooves and horns. It's horns were said to have medicinal properties similar to Unicorns. It was first recorded by a lost page in James Cook's journal. It described them as huge cows with thick white fur and blue horns. (More coming soon?)
  • The Horror Predator of Salt Lake: The horror predator of salt lake. That name still sends shivers down the spines of residents near salt lake. The first report happened in 1988. The Miller family were driving down to Salt Lake to meet up with some relatives for a picnic. They had just pulled in near the lake, when the kids said they thought they saw a dinosaur lurking in the lake. The parents thought the kids were kidding when they noticed it too. It was a black and gray bipedal creature with horns on it's head similar to Carnotaurus. It's yellow eyes frightened the adults so they started to back away,y when they noticed the creature climbing out of the lake towards the car. The faster the parents backed up the faster the creature went towards them. When the animal was completely out of the water, it let out a deafening roar. They started to quickly drive away, but the dinosaur kept pace with them attempting to sink it's teeth into the vehicle. It eventually succeeded at this and took a piece of the roof with it. The children were screaming with fright at the beast, which had slacked behind to eat the piece of metal. They managed to escape the monster and drive towards town where they went to the local police station. They examined the car and determined something big had in fact attacked it. But, they just dismissed them because it was a busy day for them, but they did close the lake to the public for a month. The Millers had never returned to the lake. The second report was brief, but reported the same creature. In 2004, Bob Saniskry was swimming in the lake when he saw a pair of large yellow eyes looking at him from far away in the lake. The creature was partially submerged like an alligator, but he could see that it was black and gray. The animal appeared to turn and swim away. Even with this encounter, he got out of the lake.

I know for a fact more is coming soon, but I'm pretty tired, so this is it for now. Please tell me your ideas!

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