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    Ningen iceberg

    May 27, 2015 by Pandacubs

    I found a photo of a ningen, that is really an oddly shaped chunk of ice. It has icicles growing from its "chin" which would probably not be there in a living creature. The coloration and texture of it are very similar to ice. It also has no eyes, mouth, or anything else needed for it to survive.

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  • Pandacubs

    The tsuchinoko is a legless lizard-like cryptid. I have found a photograph that supposedly is of it, but in my opinion is a misidentified blue-tounged skink. Although the skink lives in a different place, it is entirely possible that it is an escaped pet. The skink has small legs, frequently covered up by the body. Here is the photo of it and a photo of a skink. If you look carefully, there are small stumps where the legs should be, indicating that the legs are bent inwards.


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