Carnivorous Artiodactyla (Deer or Banteng)

When i was young (i can't remember how old am i on that time) i saw this creature on my neighbor's house (actually it's not yet a house because it's not finished until i moved out), so before i saw that creature, i was played with my little brother and then we decided to play on our yard at night (we are always play at night), then we saw that creature sat on the highest place in that house (and of course we can see it easily) and it's not very dark yet (around 07:00 Pm or 07:30 Pm) and there was many bats and yeah it's normal on my house and sometimes you can found a bat in my house. Like i said before i saw that creature on the highest place in my neighbor's house and that creature was look like a Banteng calf or Little deer and there is a bat on his mouth and it's look like the creature tried to eat it and then our mom called us for dinner and we never see it again.

Possible Explanation

I remember there was many Bantengs near my house and my neighbor's house and maybe there is 1 banteng that went to the stair (since that house was abandoned until few months) and reach to the highest place in that house and then sat there while that banteng eat grass or leaves
Carnivorous Artiodactyla

this is maybe how that creature looks like and i made that with MS Paint


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