Guys i have found a bunch of cryptids not on this wiki!. Tell me what ones should be added and i will try my best to add them!

  • Cactus spider------urban legend about a giant cacti-dwelling spider
  • Hamlet-----lake monster from the USA
  • pressie------lake monster from north america
  • ponik---------dragon-like lake monster from a lake in north america
  • corkscrew owl------------fearsome critter of a giant owl
  • Tar

    Cactus Spider

    run around-----------------giant demon cat fearsome critter that runs around trees
  • maine monster----------mutant beaver sighted in maine, for some info see this:
  • cipactli------crocodile monster of the ancient aztecs


  • moon eating frog----giant frog that eats the moon during solar eclipses from vietnamese myth

    Moon Eating Frog

  • kuniyoshi------japanese giant monster fish
  • horned serpent--first nation giant snake with horns
  • underwater panther--first nation swimming panther with fins
  • monkey king--an upright monkey that can talk from chinese myth, may be connected to upright monkey sightings in china
  • vodyany--scottish water spirit ogres

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