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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is An FBI Agent, Cryptozoologist and a Conspiracy Theorist
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  • Special Agent Mulder

    This blog is to find out what fish or fish-like cryptids may actually be based on where they were found, how they look and how they behave. Also to find out if they are hoaxes.

    The study of fish is called ichthyology, the study of cryptids is called cryptozoology so the study of them together is Crypto-Ichthyology .

    The canvey Island monster is not a monster. It is infact a type of Monkfish or Anglerfish. It most likely is in the genus Lophius if it is a new species. But if that is not the case it would either be a Lophius piscatorius or a Lophius budegassa. Both species live in the area. The Canvey Island Monster seems to be pale and white, this could be the way the camera takes photos, making dark light, or because the sun has bleached the fi…

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    November 9, 2015 by Special Agent Mulder

    Bigfoots are hairy, ape-like humanoids. They are reported on every continent except for Antarctica. In many countries bigfoot has multiple different names. Bigfoots also vary in apearance across the globe, but thay usually are large, have dark hair and ape-like features.

    There are many different theories on what bigfoot is and may be here is a list of the theories:

    • Early Human
    • Neanderthal
    • Giant Ground Sloth
    • Gigantopithacus

    • Black Bear
    • Brown Bear
    • Grizzly Bear
    • Hunter
    • Hiker
    • Deer

    • Monkey
    • Ape
    • Lemour

    • Ghost
    • Alien
    • Troll
    • Wendigo

    • Hoax
    • Legend
    • New Species
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    This blog is for people to post any sightings or enconters if the Mapinguari. The posts can be anonymous or can be posted using your account. Any ways I would love to hear them.

    This comment was posted on the Mapinguari page. It was posted anonymously and is very useful. It gave a description on its appearance and its behaviour.

    "I have actually seen the Mapinguari in the Amazon Rainforest about ten years ago. I wish to remain anonymous but I will say that it had neither one eye, nor a mouth on its stomach and was in fact what I believe to be a Megatherium as this article suggests. I am virtually certain that this creature has, akin to the coelocanth, survived extinction to wander the rainforests today. I can confirm that it did indeed give …

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