As I said in my post on this site, I am not as skilled an artist as many of the talented people on this site and was wondering if anyone is willing to do some art for me.  This is not a paid job but the artist will be given credit for their contribution in my game. What I need is a specific rendering simular to the artists rendering of the many cryptids on this site. Specifically I need an rendering of the Hidebehind, one that is based on the concept art of the one found on my game's page that can be found here: 

Here's what the image needs to look like, an eerie image of a fog covered forest in an angle like this: 

100 0528

Near the top center of the page an image of the Hidebehind (shown from the torso up with its arms outstretched roaring at the sky.

Here's a more detailed description of the Hidebehind: A tall burly bipedal humanoid covered in thick black fur and a mane of long black fur on its back. The Hidebehind’s appearance has many different physical characteristics of several different creatures in the animal kingdom; the Hidebehind’s general shape resembles a Sasquatch or Bigfoot with a massive chest, long arms, and upright posture. Its ears are cat-like with long tufts of fur at their tip giving the ears a pointed appearance, its hands and feet are somewhat human in shape, however the long fingers and toes are tipped with claws and both the hands and feet are padded like a bears and the feet are more bear-like than the creature’s hands which are more human-like. The Hidebehind’s human shaped head has two vertical slits for a nose, the eyes are large and are completely white and glow in the dark, and the mouth is filled with long sharp fangs.

If anyone is able to do this please reply on my talk page on this site. Hope to hear from you.The Legendary Jack the Ripper (talk) 16:42, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

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