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  • I live in Gallifrey
  • I was born on June 20
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  • I am Deku Scrub/Time Lord
  • The shy platypi

    Hey everybody! I've been pretty inactive around here recently, so I'm trying to change that. Hopefully, by introducing this series, I can become more active. This will basically just be me analyzing brand new cryptid photos and coming to some kind of conclusion in the end. I've already promised this one, so today we'll be looking at the brand new Nessie photo that seems to be the clearest ever taken.

    At first glance, I was incredibly excited for the photo; I've been a skeptic about Nessie for some time now and this almost turned me around just like that. Let's start the analysis with the story behind the image. 58-year old Ian Bremner was a worker in a whiskey warehouse who on the shores of Loch Ness searching for Red Deer. He claimed he wa…

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  • The shy platypi

    I've been on wikia for over 3 years, and I've only changed my avatar twice. Now it's a Weeping Angel with Deal With It sunglasses. I don't know how long I'll keep it this way and I kinda miss my old one. I guess I'll just have to--

    deal with it.

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  • The shy platypi

    I made a new wiki where you can come up with your own cryptids. If any other admins on here would like to have Cryptid Wiki have a partnership with my wiki, that'd be great!

    P.S. Feel free to edit!

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  • The shy platypi

    If Lost Tapes had continued for several more seasons, these are the cryptids that I would like to have seen.

    P.S. I might post this on another wiki complete with all episode scripts. I will post the link here.

    1. Fear Liath Moor
    2. Nessie
    3. Mngwa
    4. Bunyip
    5. Mokele Mbembe
    6. Nandi Bear
    7. Flatwoods Monster
    8. Grinning Man
    9. Enfield Horror
    10. Beast of Gevaudan
    11. Hidebehind
    12. Thetis Lake Monster
    13. Partridge Creek Beast
    14. Melon Heads
    15. Flathead Lake Monster

    1. Mapinguari
    2. Dobhar-chu
    3. Lusca
    4. Spring-Heeled Jack
    5. Hopkinsville Goblins
    6. Aswang
    7. Megalodon
    8. Kelpie
    9. Mapinguari
    10. Tokoloshe
    11. Yowie
    12. Ningen
    13. Goatman
    14. Dragon

    1. Bermuda Beast
    2. Mummy
    3. Ahool
    4. Grey Aliens
    5. Ghoul
    6. Boogeyman
    7. Mamlambo
    8. Ahuitzotl
    9. The Pig-Man
    10. Emela-Ntouka
    11. Vampire Beast
    12. Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square
    13. Qoqogaq

    1. Skunk Ape
    2. Shadow People
    3. Mega Cat
    4. Kappa
    5. Giant Spiders
    6. Headless Horseman
    7. Zombie Fung…

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