These are some ideas I had. Opinions in comments?

This sounds weird but I'm just thinking outside the box here. What if there is a planet with lots of Loch Ness Monster type creatures, and there is a wormhole in loch ness that connects the two planets? The planet could be all the way across the universe, but with a wormhole, they could just swim through the wormhole and show up here! That might explain atmospheric beasts as well! :O Also, what if aliens are just us from the future? I will think of more ideas later, my head is hurting from awesomeness. Wait! :O What if Sasquatches were like humans at one point, but then branched off before humans didn't have hair anymore? Humans went out of the forests and into the plains, so they dudn't need to be big and intimidating. Sasquatches however, went back into the forests, but rather than climbing in the trees like the apes and monkeys, they stayed on the ground like their human relatives. So because it was more dangerous to be on the ground in a forest rather than the plains, they evolved to become bigger and tougher, and maybe got more hair to keep from freezing? What if everytime people driving by 'swear they saw red eyes glowing' actually just saw the reflective eyes of a cat or person or something?  (:U) (:O)  Ok that's enough for now, I'll try to think of more AWESOME theories later. Put ideas in comments? :D I will make a hat man for you *<(:D)

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