aka Waldo

  • I live in Kansas
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is 8th grader. Hoping to be a paleontologist or cryptozoologist.
  • I am Male
  • X4M9

    Chupacabra Theory

    December 10, 2015 by X4M9

    Ok, wikia. I have a theory on the chupacabra. Not the mangy wolf ones, but the tiny spiked bipedal chupacabra. I believe they are actually social creatures, and live in packs of 3-10. This is how so many animals can be mauled In one night. Under the cover of darkness it would be hard to tell how many chupacabra there are in an area, explaining how people only ever see one or two at a time. The packs always have one or two chupacabra watching for threats or danger, almost like meerkats. Then when faced with a threat, the hissing some people hear is a warning to the human to not come closer and to the pack to flee. They travel in packs so the young, weak a nd old can also get food. On the rare occasions when one is shot if it was attacking i…

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  • X4M9

    Ok Cryptid Wiki. I'm back. It has been a year or two since I was here, but now I'm not a weird anon! I created the Drekavac page in 5th grade or 6th, but I have been traveling wikias as for a while now. My most recent followed and favorited wikia was the Solekian wiki, but I was banned. Check out my page on there! Kek. Ok well I'm back and nothing.

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