Varginha Devil
Varginha Devil
Varginha Devil-0
Varginha Devil-1

The Varginha Devil sighting is a extraterrestrial sighting that took place on January 20, 1996. It was spotted by three young women, who thought it to be injured. Regardless of its condition, the three women fled the scene, thinking they had seen the devil.


The entity was described as a five foot tall bipedal, humanoid creature. The creature had dark brown skin, a large head with a slender body and large red eyes. Artist renderings also depict it as having three crest-like bumps on its head and no visible mouth. (


  • Several more sightings after the original one, along with various UFO reports, caused the Varginha Devil to become a local media sensation.
    Varginha Devil-2
    Varginha Devil

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