Leyak by scythemantis-d5p0ya5 "As unpredictable—and probably just as controversial—as UFOs, Leyak are a supernatural phenomenon most feared by many Indonesians."

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The Veo is a cryptid said to dwell on the island of Rinca, Indonesia. It was described to resemble a scaly ant-eater or pangolin, and has the size of a horse. No modern pangolins grow to that size, but there was evidence that a large pangolin that grew up to 8 feet lived on the nearby islands of Java and Borneo.

The Veo is described as being a nocturnal, mountain-dwelling creature, subsisting on a diet of ants and termites. The Veo (Manis cryptus) is a cryptid described in The Beasts That Hide from Man: Seeking the World's Last Undiscovered Animals by Karl Shuker as living on the island of Rintja (Rinca) and resembling other pangolins, or scaly ant-eaters. Sightings of the Cryptid have linked them to relic dinosaurs, particularly Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus due to superficial similarities.

Cryptozoologists have suggested that the Veo may represent a relict population of the extinct Manis paleojavanicus.