Water Elephants are supposed semi-aquatic relatives of the African Elephant. 
Gomphotherium angustidens by leogon-d83e9ni

Another Possible Creature, Gomphotherium

These animals are said to resemble the ancient moeritherium or possibly the deinotherium that survived to the modern inside the Dominican Republic of the Congo. The Water Elephant is Described as an oddly shaped elephant that lives most of its life in deep murky water, assumable feeding on aquatic plants.


One of the first recorded sightings came from the early 20th century from a French explorer who reported seeing a group of 2-2.5 meter tall elephant like creatures in what is now the Congo. The natives called it the Congolese Water Elephant. Natives told the explorer that this animal was a rare creature that spent the whole day in the water and only came onto land at night to graze.


Diakujia's Depiction

In 2005 aviators flying over Lake Tumba claimed to have seen a herd of odd looking elephants fitting the earlier description.