A cryptid is any animal or creature that has been reported to have existed, but has not been proven to. These animals, known as “cryptids”, are often the stuff of legends, written off as myths or elaborate hoaxes. Some famous cryptids are Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and El Chupacabra, all of which remain shrouded in mystery. However, many animals widely recognized today were once among these cryptids. Numerous cryptids were once dismissed by science as products of folklore, imagination, or deception, but are now formally recognized as their own species. For example the okapi (a relative of the giraffe, from Africa), have been proven to be real. Who knows? Maybe you could discover a whole new animal!

How can I search for cryptids in my area? 

Do research. Go onto the internet and read books about the subject. Also, learn about proven animals and their behavior. This is one of the most useful tools in cryptozoology. Learn about the cryptids in your part of the world and try to scout out a remote place where cryptids are known to be found. Put out bait for the animal, for example, maybe fruit for a bigfoot, or blood for a chupacabras. Obtain evidence that the creature exists. If the creature comes, take a picture of it or try to trap it.

What cryptids live in many areas. 

Some cryptids live in more areas than others. Cryptids tend to be mostly found in remote locations where they can be invisible to watchful science. For example, unexplored areas, such as Indonesia and the Congo Rainforest are huge hotspots for cryptids and contain numerous sightings. In the Unites States, some states have very little cryptid activity while others  have entire books written on their cryptid diversity.

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